"In analyzing the "Second Inaugural Address", students

are given permission to understand and even judge one of our nation's greatest presidents on their own

terms and within their own context."
     Lauran S. ,  8th & 10th Grade Teacher

Richard Dreyfuss

​Actor & Historian

Notes from Educators

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"This can definitely be incorporated into History, English, Speech and Drama classes.  It is a simple and informative approach to a dense and emotional text "
      Stephanie S. ,  10th Grade Teacher

Academy Award Winning Actor

Richard Dreyfuss

Best-Selling Lincoln Scholar

Ron White

"Lincoln's Greatest Speech"   

From Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss, New York Times Best-Selling Author Ron White and Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director Ken Kebow

"An American masterpiece deserves a masterful performance and analysis.  In this treasure of a presentation, the great actor Richard Dreyfuss and the preeminent historian of Abraham Lincoln's speeches, Ronald White, combine forces to present and parse Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address. This DVD should deserves a place in in every classroom and public and private library."

Lincoln Scholar Harold Holzer 
Harold Holzer is author of 51 books on Abraham Lincoln & the recipient of the Lincoln Prize


"This material will inspire any teacher at grade level.

It can inform and direct teachers to creatively engage

students by its use of drama, history, language and

oratory.  There is something for every educator; every student."
      Fran D. ,  4th Grade Teacher

“I was standing in the hallway of a grammar school in Georgia,” Dreyfuss said. “The walls were covered with

kids’ version of the Gettysburg Address, the Second Inaugural, and other aspects of Lincoln’s life. I was

waiting for my cue to go on, to talk to the kids, and

I was again reading the Second Inaugural. All of a

sudden, I realized, what an astonishing magic act

he pulled! He never said, ‘We really kicked their ass,

didn’t we?’ He never said what was expected of him,

which was, ‘we’re winning this war, and it’s fantastic.’ Instead, he said, ‘we’re as guilty as they are."