"An American masterpiece deserves a masterful performance and analysis.  In this treasure of a presentation, the great actor Richard Dreyfuss and the preeminent historian of Abraham Lincoln's speeches, Ronald White, combine forces to present and parse Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address. This DVD should deserves a place in in every classroom and public and private library."

     Harold Holzer, Lincoln Scholar

Harold Holzer is the author of 51 books on Abraham

Lincoln and the recipient of the Lincoln Prize

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Hosted by Academy Award

winning actor Richard Dreyfuss​

"Lincoln's Greatest Speech:

 The Second Inaugural Address"

President Abraham Lincoln considered his Second Inaugural Address, delivered 150 years ago in 1865, to be his "best effort" and "greatest speech".

Join Academy Award winning actor

                      Richard Dreyfuss

and best selling Lincoln biographer

                      Ronald C. White Jr.

for a fascinating journey through Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address in "Lincoln's Greatest Speech".

"Lincoln's Greatest Speech"   

From Emmy Award Winning Producer Ken Kebow

Best-selling books by

Ronald C. White Jr.


Presented by best-selling Lincoln biographer Ronald C. White Jr.