"In analyzing the "Second Inaugural Address", students are given permission to understand and even judge one of our nation's greatest presidents on their own terms and within their own context. Students aren't being told necessarily what the speech means or what to think about Lincoln but are empowered to make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions.

                                  Lauran S.

​                                  8th/10th Grade Teacher

"This material will inspire any teacher at any grade level.  It can inform and direct teachers to creatively engage students by its use of drama, history, language and oratory.  There is something for every edicator; every student."

                                   Fran D.

​                                    4th Grade Teacher

"This is a wonderful resource for middle and high school teachers, especially in the era of common core.  English, history, language usage, context, depth and complexity . . . this has it all!"

                                      Julia B.

​                                      8th Grade Teacher

"This can definitely be incorporated into history, English, Speech and Drama classes.  It was a simple and informative approach to a dense and emotional text."

                                        Stephanie S.

                                        10th Grade Teacher

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"Lincoln's Greatest Speech:

The Second Inaugural Address"

What Educators Are Saying:

"Lincoln's Greatest Speech"   

From Emmy Award Winning Producer Ken Kebow